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I've always loved these cars, and bought a '74 GTS a few years back as my own restoration project. It was really a "barn (old garage) find". I got it back to our shop, checked/changed everything, and got it running and driving. We then completely disassembled and documented the car in preparation for a concourse build (all original with hidden/sensible modifications).

Since then, our restoration business has become so busy that I can't distract the team with my projects. I'd be willing to sell the car provided the buyer engaged with our shop to complete restoration project and agreed to jointly show the car for a period of time, otherwise I'll hang on to it.

The chassis number is 7228, the engine is original, and I have the Marti report and original documentation. This is a difficult decision, but it's just sitting in storage and I don't foresee when we'll get to it.

Please PM for details. I know in this forum I'll probably get blasted for not sharing pics, pricing, etc.,  but if you research the chassis number you'll know what it is. I'd be happy to provide lots of information to genuine buyers... and yes, I do have the spoiler missing from this picture.




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