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Indeed John. I looked at yours so many months ago and the no sales out of USA put me off. I closed a deal with Jim Coz in the meantime, but was interested in yours. EURO/USD carries us further and Europeans can be trusted! Except ofcourse the French ;o)

You might want to open up on that...

I am sorry to hear that you need to sell your Pantera. Today the market is getting soft on prices. Your car is beautiful and a steal at your new price. You might want to reconsider selling out of the States. Let the Europeans pay a closer to market price. Panteras will be available for a long time and always at a bargain price.

I was coerced (new wife) to sell my first Pantera to use as a down payment on our first house. (Yes, children in the (“old Days”) mortgage companies required down payments.)

I swore that I would find #4060 and buy it back. However #4060 seems to have disappeared. I did find #4134 and have thoroughly enjoyed it. #4060 had many great special memories and you will be able to do the same with your next Pantera.

Good luck and I hope that things turn around for the better soon.
Take care.
Hopefully if thing's work out i will be able to buy my car back sometime in the future.

John, I'm truly sorry to hear that you are forced to sell the Pantera, but on the buy it back issue, you know it's gonna be like meeting an old girlfriend that you dumped, you may be tempted to jump back in the sack, but it just ain't gonna be like the good 'ol days.

Personally I'd recommend you move on, when the time comes to buy another Pantera you'll find a great example and it will be a new experience with new highs rather than reliving old memories.

In this market even if you sell inside the US no saying it wouldn't wind up with a dealer or a new owner sells again to overseas to flip it.

Just my .02, good luck whatever you decide,
Have to agree with Jeff and Joules on the "buy it back" arrangement. A romantic ideal to be sure, but I've had only ONE CAR out of a whole lot that I panged for, longed for, hoped would "ONE DAY" be mine again... sigh.

I wouldn't have taken the others back at the time they came around.

I'd moved on; the car got worse, the memories got better. We were better off apart. So, I'd reconsider - and the analogy of that old girlfriend was just perfect Joules.

We've been down this "no export" rule before. Your call on that. If someone could handle the export legwork for you, would you pay a fee to have that done (provided you don't give up anything financially)? I'm not offering, just wondering if that would open up another option for you.

Best wishes no matter what. GREAT looking car.
John thanks for the additional info and pictures. I am still interested in the car. I know how you feel because I also sold a car that I would give anything to get back. If you are so much in love with 6431 we probably will be able to work something out.

Hudson, I’m the guy that left a business card on your windshield in the parking deck a while back. Could you contact me via the private channel and discuss some additional info John sent me?

John, I am a little concerned about the ZF transaxle and do not have enough pictures of the underside.

How can I find someone to inspect the car? Has anyone on the forum seen 6431?
Jerry, PM sent. I'd love it if another Pantera came to central Alabama. We could swap overheating stories. Kidding - I'm still crazy about mine after these years. It's been painted, new leather and some other stuff since you saw it.

BUYING TIP OF THE WEEK: Get a Pantera from someone who knows what it is, where its been, how its been treated and can prove all 3. So far, this car fits. The rest is up to you.

Give me a call. I'll mislead you to the best of my ability. (BTW, the entire board simultaneously chuckled when they saw you were asking for MY input.)
Originally posted by JOHN KAZLO:
HI, ALL. Un-fortunately i am only selling my PANTERA due to personal issue's that i am having at this time, and that is the main reason for wanting to sell in the U.S. only.
Hopefully if thing's work out i will be able to buy my car back sometime in the future.
If present circumstances were different i definately wouldn't be selling. But it is what it is. Sorry to exclude foreigh buyer's, however i really hope to have the opertunity to buy it back eventually and it will be a lot easier if car is here in U.S..[LOCAL] Also sorry but not interested in any trade's.

Hi John, sorry we didn't get to hook up when I was in LI earlier this year. I agree with the comments about buy back. Someone who falls in love with your car may not want to buy it on a temporary basis, or, you'll end up loosing money if they decide to give it up. Regarding over seas sales - if you can't sell it here, Europe has a HUGE craving for Panteras, and with the weak dollar -you'll get more there than here. You simply need to clearly state that the purchaser is completely responsible for all shipping arrangements and costs. That's what we did when we sold the project car a few months back. I got what I was asking, and a truck came to house and picked up the car and all the parts. The purchaser took care of all the pickup, crating, shipping and import arrangements and fees, from my house all the way to Germany. It was very painless.

My 0.02

Good luck!

-William 3331
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