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Genuine GT5 LHD for sale. May 1984 build date (as confirmed in writing from the factory).

Vehicle was originally registered in Italy with first owner before being imported into UK by subsequent owner in 2004.

Excellent original condition with only mild engine modifications undertaken by previous owner; Blue Thunder intake, Holley 750cfm barburettor, electric fuel pump, line filter, pressure gauge & alloy air cleaner.

Remainder of car is totally original. Leather interior (pale cream colour) & leather/wood dash & facia in excellent condition for age, all electrics are in order & working, ZF transmission functions fine with no loss of gears.
Vehicle does not currently have radio. (Blank out plate installed)
According to previous owner, has never had air conditioning installed but has (Maserati type) interior ventilation controls/fans etc. which are operational for demisting/heat etc. A/C could easily be incorporated by installing modern compressor, condensor & hosing to exisiting ventilation system.

Body has no corrosion apart from slight bubbling in one part of rear delta wing. Body & black paintwork overall is in great condition for age, although slight damage/crack to front spoiler apparently from original owner.

Vehicle is currently in dehumidified, covered storage in the UK. Inspection can be organised upon request.

Reason for sale is that I am currently residing in Australia, & although was continually supposed to be transferred to Europe, has not eventuated & does not look like will for some time.
Was contemplating importing vehicle into Australia, but would require RHD conversion to be registered in my home state.

Rare opportunity to acquire original GT5 in great colour combination.
Vehicle has just reached 25 years, supposedly making US importation simpler.

Do not have firm set price but have fair & realistic idea of value. Open for negotiation.
Whilst I understand that the current market may not be the best for vehicle sales, I would like to see the vehicle go to someone who has the opportunity to use it regularly unlike me Frowner . That being said, I am not desperate to sell, so not willing to entertain ridiculously low offers.

For any further information and/or images (can only seem to load 1 image on this site), please contact me at

Thanks & look forward to hearing from you!




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