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RHD. Last Longchamp to leave the factory and one of only 6 GTSE cars. Thought to be the best RHD car. Pristine and un-modified. Concours condition. Factory fitted with one of only 340 Ford EX Nascar blocks. £26,000. If you want the best, this is it.

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Hi Michael;

From what I gather (and, as ever, details are very hard to come by), a few years after official production had ceased, the factory found some bodyshells and decided to build them up. These were badged GTSE as they feature differences such as central locking, electric wing mirrors, sun roof, body-kit with running boards, twin headlamp pods etc.

This car is reputedly the last Longchamp to roll out of the factory.

Oddly enough a few (this one included) ended up with Nascar Cleveland engine blocks (DT managed to unearth these in Australia) as by this time standard Clevelands were hard to find and it would have been too much trouble to modify to take the Windsor. These engines feature much thicker castings designed to take the stresses of putting out serious horsepower at 8000RPM.

This car is actually my wife's and she has thoroughly enjoyed driving it over the last four years.

Yes, the Longchamp GTSE is a very fine car.
I could see one at the factory meeting in Modena 1999 and was very impressed about the interior design and the built quality of these cars.
There were even some GTSE Spiders made. I think there are 2 of them in Britain (Rick Lee) and a blue one in Germany.
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