1989 De Tomaso Serial #9494 has sold to Garry Bachmeier in Foothills Alberta, Canada. I am an avid America Muscle car collector with a large collection of cars and motorcycles. It will be given the respect and care it truly deserves.

Ted Wolch took excellent care of this fantastic car for over 11 years, but decided to move the car. Thanks Ted, I appreciate you giving me this opportunity to own such an important car in the history of Pantera / DeTomaso.

Roger "Gutts" Gossett, you finessed a great car and it will be honored as it should.


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HAHAHAHAHA, Thank you for the welcome!! Looking forward to learning all I can about this Pantera and the entire history of the cars.

Cheers & Thanks

Garry Bachmeier
Hoss, by joining the Pantera Club of America (POCA), you will have instant electronic access to the archives on the web site, with illustrated monthly newsletter tech articles, roster contacts and quarterly magazines going back to 1976- and we're working to locate and copy the remaining 3 years since the club's founding in 1973. There are some 22 of your Canadian neighbors that are already members, as well as from 18 other countries. Browse to and check us out.
He already belongs to a club, free of charge, with more than 128 Canadian members.

I found 128 members searching using the word Canada. Doesn't include abbreviations.

I counted 13 members from "other countries" just on the first page of the member directory, with 43 pages yet to go.

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