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Hello Friends,

It's Matt from Toronto, Canada. I will be coming to the Fun Rally in Arizona in April. I am fortunate to have family there so it's an easy sell with the wife. I can't really find any reviews of past rallies, but I am sure it will be fun.

My question is about the track days. I typically do a few track days a year so I get the routine. Do most guys do both days or just one? Is there secured parking for enclosed  trailered cars?

Any past fun rally reviews would be appreciated.

Pet peeve: Why can't you register online and pay with Paypal or Visa? (currency exchange) Big drag!

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Hi Mat,

Full  information about the fun rally is at the POCA website, viewable to all without a member login.

there is a link to the information on the track event and it has contact information for Kevin Hubby who is the coordinator for this year‘s event. In years past there would usually be one or two drivers who spent the night in their RVs at the track, but I don’t know if that is happening this year. Give Kevin a call and I’m sure he can answer your questions

You can definitely pay for the event with PayPal or Visa. I suggest you call Josette whose number is on the registration form to confirm what would work best for you

also on the POCA website is the itinerary. Doing track event both days means you will miss some of the group driving events.

there really is nothing quite like being part of a group of 10 or 20 or 30 Pantera‘s moving as a group with the occasional opportunity for some spirited driving. 😉😁

as it appears you are trailering your car to Arizona, I would suggest you at least arrange your schedule to enjoy one event driving your car through the Arizona countryside, quite definitely different to anything you can find in Canada.


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