...I Offer here a First chance to Own My 'Complete' Collection (From Over Seven Years, Mailed to Me as a Paying Club Member), with Maybe 1 or 2 copies missing. You tell me, from the following list. Being sold as a bundle of ALL 25. I will NOT Separate...Excepting for the one Magazine of 'Winter 2002 #113', known as the 'Kill Bill' David Carredine Mangusta' edition, in Excellent Condition! Silver and Grey, with David and His Mangusta on the cover.  This is a known Collectors piece and will go for $100. Shipping FREE.

ALL of the 25 Mags are for sale at $300.00 FREE shipping. USA Shipping ONLY. All mags are in Very Good, cared for, condition Or Better! (1) has a loose Page, (1) has multiple loose pages, there are NO Missing Pages! No Dogged corners. I have not written in any of these works, that I would remember.

Offered Here first, then on Ebay. I will Not separate. 25 units are Very heavy, shipping will be high, I'll Pay It!. A Lot of Info and Photographs, for Months-Years of Engrossing Stories and Study. The New Owner will NOT be Disappointed! I will listen to offers. If You own one of these Wonderful Machines...Or You're Dreaming of, one day, Owning...and You were unable to receive any of these publications, here is Your Chance to Own them ALL!! Who will be the first?  MJ


1994- winter #81

2000- Summer 103, Spring 104, Winter 105

2001- Fall 108, Winter 109

2002- Spring 110, Summer 111(1 loose page), Fall 112,  Winter #113 With David and Mangusta.

2003- Spring 114, Summer 115, Fall 116

2004- Winter 117 (Reads as 2004...Must be a Late 2003 winter), This one is identified as the 'Piers Courage' Edition (some loose pages), plus Spring 118, Summer 119, Fall 120, 2004 Winter 121, Yes! There are (2) '2004 Winters'!

2005- Spring 122, Summer 123, Fall 124, Winter 125

2006- Spring 126, Summer 127, Fall 128...This was the LAST Magazine put out by P.I. There was NO 'Winter 2006', Edition!!

...it seems #'s 106 and 107 are Missing...Or, were they never produced?


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