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I have a used set of wheels and tires..

285s with 20% wear
345s with 20% wear

mounted on Hall Ultra aluminum wheels with those goofy knock off spinner doo hickeys (that can be not set aside...)

the tires are currently mounted on the wheels. They are in storage in my garage. If local, come on out and take a look...


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If memory serves, tires are yoko in flavor...I will have to check.

knowing that the 285s new are ~400 E each. I would think that these are worth ~300$US each.

The rears 345/35/15 are 250 each. They are in better shape then the fronts.

tires would be 1100 for the set.

I also have a pair of brand new 345/35/15s with the stickers still on them that I would sell for 900 for the pair. They are brand spankin new.

wheels would be another 900 for all four corners if you buy with the mounted tires.

Otherwise 1000 for the wheels alone
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