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The other day at a local car-meet, I was talking to a Lambo-collector that previously has had 6-7 Panteras. On the subject of my car, he wondered what wheels and tires it has. Informing him that it is on standard 7" and 8", he said that IF we agree on the price, he still has a new-in-box setup of 8" and 10" wheels he never used, but stored avay with some other parts.. Will be fun to see!

SO, what I was wondering about is: Being that the Yokohamas and Pirellis in 285/40-15 is allmost obsolete and old, what will be the closest replacement? Anyone know the "inch size" to look for on Hoosiers semi-slicks or anything like that? Don't want a much higher profile on the tire.
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A lot of guys are recommending the Toyo Proxes S/T rear and Proxes 4 for front. The GT40 replica guys with 15" wheels are also recommending Toyo's as the best available 15" performance tire out there.

A search here on the PIBB will get you a number of previous threads on the subject.
Toyo Proxes ST 295/50-HR15 rear
Toyo Proxes 4 225/50-VR15 front

Best tires you can currently get for 15" wheels. But get them soon! The ST's are getting harder to find and the price is going up. I just ordered a spare set.

What kind of money does the Lambo-collector want for those Campys? Are you going to buy them?
I just ordered a set of the Toyos for my GT40 and they are definitely in short supply. The 295s have definitely been discontinued and so, I think, have the 225s. They are not a perfect match front to rear, but close enough and at the price they are hard to beat. I looked around and found the lowest price at a Mazda dealer! Still it was about $700 for the set which was a LOT less than a set of Avons.
Even though the tread pattern isn't an exact match between the Proxes ST and the Proxes 4 tires, the sidewalls and tread blocks are nearly an exact match when viewed in profile, from the side of the vehicle.

This is the best price I found (including shipping) when I ordered my extra set: ($143 ea, 15% off with HD5T coupon code + $16.86 UPS ground shipping - I just ordered an extra pair)
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