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Oo exciting news!

I beleive the 285/50R15 P7 has actually been manufactured and is in transit to Longstone as we speak.

All being well i think you will be very happy with the price.

I am amazed that it has happened as various other projects have been put on the back burner, due to the difficulties with production capacities after factories have spent too much time closed over the last few years.

It will be on here when they turn up

And i will post again when i actually have them in the flesh.

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Ok we do have the first delivery.

These tyres are now being shipped out to the various intenational distriutors of the Pirelli Collezione range who can be found on here

(you may also like the very cool period marketing film for the Cinturato. When did you last see a truck driver drinking red wine out of a magnum and smoking fag all while driving in an advert. I think i would have liked the 1960s with all those mini skirts)

285-50-15 P7 first delivery 1622 

Back to business.

Many of these international dealers will not have received these tyres quite yet, however they are on their way. I would ask you to respect the dealer network, it will save us money and it is a far greener way of distributing these tyres than for us flying them all over the world.

I truly hope you guy are as happy about these tyres as the Lamborghini Countach fraternity were when we got the 345/35R15 P7 made again. I'm not for a minute denying i am in this to make a living, but it is great when our customer are really happy, like a truly hope you guys will be.

Without doubt these tyres will NOT get cheaper. they have gone up, but they are still incredibly cheap for what they are.

look at the difference in price of these two tyres.

The P7 tyre is the tyre that Pirelli make in conjunction with Longstone Tyres where we invest and then distribute them in a way that the stock stays fresh and the price is very fair. This is an incredibly niche tyre.

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