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 I'm sorry if I am spamming this comment a little but I would like to try to rally up as much support as possible so I don't want anyone that might be interested to miss it. I hope you'll agree it is for a good cause. I have the blessings of the forum administrator.

I have made a De Tomaso Pantera  web page, here's a link: 
 Longstone Tyres - De Tomaso Pantera page
Please let me know if you see any mistakes. Any pictures you have that might make it better please send them over.

 Importantly if you may be interested in a set of the 285/50R15 P7 tyres please drop me a note via the "contact us" link so we can keep your email on file and use that collection of email addresses to convince Pirelli to make these tyres.

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It doesn't seem like spam when the spammer is working towards providing members of this community with a commodity so desperately needed. Continue on with our blessing and support.

We've asked for our email address to be added to your list.

Pantera International advocates the same make and model of tires for front and rear. We hope we are on the same page. We've reviewed your De Tomaso Pantera Page, we found a few tire offerings a bit strange, there was a 245mm tire, a 205/70 tire, even a tire for 16 inch wheels. The P7 street tires for wide bodies are missing? Here's our summation and edit, we've included the tires amongst your inventory which we believe are apropos :

Please compare this list to the tires listed on your Pantera web page. 

1971 to 1972 Early Model Panteras (Push Button and Pre-L), Pantera GTS, Group 3 Pantera

Set Offered:
Michelin XWX – 185/70VR15 + 215/70VR15 +++

Alternate Set Offered:
Avon CR6ZZ – 185/70VR15 + 215/70VR15 (race tires) 

1972-1/2 to 1977 Pantera L, Pantera GTS, Group 3 Pantera

Alternate Set Offered:
Avon CR6ZZ –215/60VR15 + 275/55VR15 (alternate sizes, race tires)

There is no "non-race" front and rear tire set available. A Pirelli CN12 in 205/60WR15 would complete a set when combined with the 255/60WR15 tire already produced in that model. The set would provide an excellent alternative "tire set" to the BF Goodrich  tires owners presently turn to.

1977 to 1984 Pantera GTS, Group 3 Pantera
also 1980 to 1986 Longchamp GTS

This is a small diameter tire set, both tires are about an inch smaller in diameter than the tires originally installed on the narrow body Panteras. They fit the fender arches differently … there is a larger gap between the fenders and the tires.

Pirelli P7  and Pirelli P Zero are offered in 225/50YR15 or 225/50ZR15 … BUT A MATCHING REAR TIRE IS NOT AVAILABLE.  Thus there is no tire set available. None!  A Pirelli P7 or P Zero in 285/50ZR15 is desperately needed. Thank You for your efforts in this matter.

Avon CR6ZZ "classic" street legal radial racing tires are available in two sets of alternative size tires. These tires are larger in diameter than the P7s however:

Alternate Sets Offered:
Avon CR6ZZ –215/60VR15 + 275/55VR15 (alternate sizes, race tires)
Avon CR6ZZ – 215/60VR15 + 295/50VR15 (alternate sizes, race tires)

1978 to 1990 Pantera GTS/4, GT4, GT5, GT5-S

Set Offered:
Pirelli P7 – 285/40YR15 + 345/35ZR15 +++

George & Debbie

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George, I believe for the 1972-77 Panteras a Pirelli CN12 215/60/15 would be exactly OEM with a height of 25". The  205/60 is 2% smaller than OEM. 

I believe such a tire would make a great impact within the Pantera community, making it possible to use the original (my first choice) wheels again. Anyone else out there interested?

Dougal, what would it take to convince Pirelli to manufacture a CN12 for the front of the Pantera? 

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The 205/60R15 and 255/60R15 are the metric equivalents to the Arriva C60V15 and H60V15 tires. I believe the Pantera's door tag will reinforce this.

No argument that the C60V15 Arriva and its metric equivalent 205/60VR15 are smaller in diameter than the 185/70VR15. Likewise the 255/60R15 rear tire is the metric equivalent of the H60V15 Arriva, but neither of them are the same diameter as the 215/70VR15.

I could personally be happy with either size front tire. However, FYI - every once in a while I hear of a 215/60R15 tire rubbing in a fender arch ...  whereas the C60V15 Arriva it replaced did not rub. This is due to the variation in the dimensions of the production cars and the variation in the diameter of tires. 

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Perhaps this will help with filling-in the catalog of De Tomaso road cars

De Tomaso Automobili – 1959 to 2004



Front Tires

Rear Tires

1964 to 1966




1967 to 1970




1971 to 1972

(push button & Pre-L)



1971 to 1984

Pantera GTS
(European version)

185/70VR15 205/60VR15 225/50VR15

215/70VR15 255/60VR15 285/50VR15

1972 to 1973

Pantera Group 4



1972 to 1984

Pantera Group 3

185/70VR15 205/60VR15 225/50VR15

215/70VR15 255/60VR15 285/50VR15

1972 to 1985




1972 ½ to 1974

Pantera L



1973 to 1985





Pantera GTS
(US version)



1978 to 1980

Pantera GTS/4, GT4



1980 to 1984

Pantera GT5



1980 to 1986

Longchamp GTS



1985 to 1990

Pantera GT5-S



1990 to 1993

Pantera Si



1993 to 2004




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