The car I just bought has 3 AC vents in the dash.

It looks like most have 2 with a light where the third vent would be. When did the swap occur? What is the light in between the vents on the two vent dashes?

My dash is like the one in the photo.



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Perry H;
The three vent dash is a series 1 dash and from what the parts book displays is a dash for 1971/72 Panteras before body service number 50220. (THERE ARE EXCEPTIONS!)
Body service numbers do not follow serial numbers.
The two vent dash with a console light and "Fasten Seat Belt" warning light for 1972/73 is from body service number 50220, and there are exceptions (something you will find quite often with Panteras).
Just Curious: In the picture, it appears there is a pull knob to the right of the "radio delete" plate. What is this knob's operation?
That's not my car, but my car has the same thing.

On an awkward plastic badge riveted under the pull handle, it says,

"Pull For Floor"

My assumption is that this sends AC/Heat through a floor vent, but I don't know. None of this works on my car (yet).
Hi Gents. Cheap plastic label always bothers me as it looks out of place. I also have the early -1 Dash. The pull knob is in fact for the floor Heat/Air. It comes out right at your shin near Ing. switch. and opposite for passenger. Now that I have converted my fan blower wheels to a much larger size. Blow twice the air. It is very nice to have the extra vent here in FL. As for the console light in the under side of the vent on the left. It tends to blind me from the edge so I shielded it. Actually I think it takes away from ability to read gauges as they are dim.
Perry H; Should you want to become totally immersed in Pantera literature, there are a number of publications, many offered by the various suppliers. Also, here on the forum, just click the Community News and visit The Detomaso Store. Look under literature for what is available. (some temporarily out)

I have been going through my interior cleaning thing up and fixing things that are broken.

I thought this was interesting.

My air blower box has my serial number written on it with a paint marker so I am pretty sure it is original, but the center air vent hole looks like it was cut by hand as an assembly line modification.  I do not know what the story there might be... there was too much pressure in the box with the fan on full blast so they needed to give it somewhere to go?

I will post photos from my phone below. 

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