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For sale is an engine test stand that I built for my Pantera restoration project. It includes a radiator and hoses that work nicely with the 351C and the Pantera coolant expansion tank. I used this test stand to ensure that my engine was completely ready for the car prior to hoisting it into the engine bay. This includes the complete cam and lifter break-in process. Looking back, it is hard to image doing without this. The engine would have been in and out of the car several times.

Price is $150 (engine not included). This is for local pickup only. I am near Irvine, CA. You get the stand, radiator, and two radiator hoses. No other parts are included. The picture is for demonstration purposes only.

1. Be sure to hook up the coolant overflow tank in series with the expansion tank.
2. Use a box fan in front of the radiator to push air (do not pull hot air – the fan will stop working permanently).
3. The aluminum radiator is from a 1995 GMC pickup and is in good shape.
4. Wrap the posts that hold the engine mounts with header tape as they are close to the hot exhaust system.


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