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From a 1973 car, D2AE-CA casting, 4 bolt mains. (Automatic trans)

Hone for new rings, drop in some fresh bearings, and perhaps a new cam, and away you go! (I have no idea what the cam is...probably stock... it did have new lifters...)

Block is bored +.030, forged dished pistons, and crank is at -.010 on the rods, presuming same on mains. Looks like rotating assy was balanced as rods have work on the large end caps as seen with balancing.

Bores have 0-.001" taper on cylinders 3 & 4 which I pulled out for checking. One scratch in a bore that may clean up with honing. Looks like ring had a sharp edge on it or so.

Info on the pistons: TRW/Sealed Power L2416-F30 forged pistons with an 8.5cc dish
and 1.610" compression height. Pin diameter is 0.912" and they take
5/64", 5/64" and 3/16" rings. They are a NHRA/IHRA legal stock
replacement for 1973 and 1974 351C-4V's that came with dished pistons
and open chamber 4V heads. These would give you aprox a 9.5:1 compression ratio with closed chamber heads.

Upper rod bearing shells are just starting to show some glimpse of copper, otherwise are very nice, no scratches so far.

$275 consists of short block assy, no balancer (slipped ring) or flywheel (automatic), and no oil pan. Located in Santa Clara CA. Can drop it on a pallet for shipping if you so desire.

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