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the top number is the casting number, the lower number is the casting date.

Casting Numbers

Ford casting numbers are composed of 3 sections

Section 1: Application/Source number

Section 2: Basic casting type

Section 3: Revision level

Its common with large castings, parts in which it is obvious what they are, to omit section 2 of the casting number. Therefore what you are looking at "D2AE-CA" are the first and third sections of the number. The whole number would be "D2AE-6015-CA". "6015" denotes an engine block.

D = decade of 1970
2 = year #2 (i.e.1972)
A = Designed for full size fords, or the entire model line
E = Sourced from the engine engineering division
CA = Revision level

D2AE-CA is the standard casting number for ALL Cleveland engine blocks cast for the 1972 production year (starting July 1 1971) and later, including the blocks cast in Australia as late as 1982. This includes 2 bolt blocks and four bolt blocks, 2V motors and 4V motors.

Casting Date

2 = Year (in this case 1972)
F = Month (in this case June)
16 = The sixteenth day of the month

This block was cast on June 16, 1972.

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