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Tell Liza that you got an amazing deal on some chrome hair dryers that you're going to modify with some plumbing bits from Home Depot to look JUST LIKE twin turbos. Tell her that you're going to fool all your Pantera buddies into thinking you spent THOUSANDS on them and they'll be so stupid, they'll believe it. Just make sure to tell her that you can't ever show the car to Jozef, 'cause he's smart enough be able to tell they're fake for sure (adds some credibility that not EVERYONE could be fooled by some chrome hairdryers...) Big Grin

You'll be home free AND you'll save $$$$ on the expensive shoes you won't have to buy for compensation if you really HAD blown thousands on a couple of blowers... Wink
no i didnt have it run from the builder because he fired me . i caught him swaping parts on a surpize drop in visit then he didnt like the way my craton oil pan fit so he put on a stock oil pant . i blew a gasket . and told him to keep to whats on the build sheet and what i was paying for . so he sent me just a long block . today i took the motor in to be dynod and water came out between the heads and the block . gasket problems! next they checked the roller rockers there 2.4 under size. and theres a heeling core problem in the head and thats just the top end.thats when i left .

A few suggestions:
1)- do not throw ANYTHING away from the 351C. Most of the removeable parts are no longer available new and used ones are getting 'more used' by the day....
2)Virtually every engine-conversion Pantera I've seen, including one with an original ZR-1- was eventually reconverted back to a 351-C. But its much harder to find a good 351C these days.
3)- I hope your monster has BIG chassis stiffeners everywhere; the torque will twist things up & probably crack paint & sheetmetal.
Have fun.
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