while cleaning Mother's Attic, I found a few slides of 5177 right after I purchased it back in the 80's


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engine oil pan temp
ZF case temp
water temp
fuel press (scary in that it was live mechanical)
boost pressure
fuel level
Pyrometer w/ switch to
each header
turbo in
turbo out
(probably forgot something)
needed a flight engineer to help drive!
Joe -

Did you do that instrumentation, or did it come that way!? How did you calibrate it?

It looks like the Bat-Mobile inside.

Very cool pictures. Super hoist system, as well.

It basically came that way.

I think the original owner was working on selling a turbo package and this was his test

Mesurement and instrumentation were my passion

Frowner that engine spreader was as heavy as the engine...I slightly over engineered that
Originally posted by JFB #05177:
Originally posted by Husker:
The 9mm is an interesting touch.

It's Italian also!

Strange the handle is pointed away from the seat. Not terribly accessible.
Left hand cross draw from C3...Cross draw better for confined space. strange thing though, my arms have gotten shorter.

(Maybe I should have pixiled that out)
I didn't even notice the 9mm when I went through the first time...

Being in AU where if we fart the wrong way we're locked up by someone for something we did somewhere it's very unique to see.

Here's a question that kind of becomes relevant on this - I heard one time that the US adopted or got LHD from back in the horse and coach days where they would hold the reigns / wheel in their left hand so they could shoot with the right. Anyone there heard of anything like that or is it another urban myth?
How did it work? The small turbos allowed for a quick ( in the day) spool-up, dyno? The unwrapped exhaust looks problematic?
hey, it was 30+ years ago so my memory is blurred.
I was thinking that was a large turbo for the application as it had no waste gate control.
YES, there was considerable lag, I am thinking 1 second of more, enough to get a initial shove from natural throttle opening then a big kick if you were still into it.
That's what I would expect, the advancements in turbos today have very little or no lag. I wish I could grow hair like in the 80's, I think? I can't remember, it's all just a bit of a blur!

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