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Your GT5S is looking amazing!! 5555 is about 45 days out from completion. Starting on the interior. Wiring is completed. Will videotape start up which will hopefully be on Monday.

Fun?!? Lots of attention to detail make this job more an expensive hobby than fun. This may be my last, who knows?

Alex, 5555

Originally posted by adoberetreat:
Hi Alex,

Your car is really going to be something special. I can't wait to see it when it is finally finished. This looks like it was quite a big and fun project, and it will all be worth it when you get it on the road. How much longer before it is finished? One or two more months, maybe?

Originally posted by ALEX:
The wiring installation went great! The amount of wiring is much less than stock. Rear view camera screen is almost developed at Isis. It will be a direct replacement from the one that is currently installed.


Alex, I am looking at the Isis wiring system for my Pantera. Can I ask you a few questions and maybe get some pointers. Thank You. you can send me a message. vebs@vebs. net

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