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Originally posted by panteraufo:
Your car looks great. Nice attention to detail..... I like your solution for the radio. How much trouble was it to fit into the passenger side dash?

Hi Panteraaufo,

I bought the car with the radio there.
I did not do the radio I think it was well done if you wanted to cut into the dash I have 36 inch reach so it is ok to get to in the seat bealts but it does interfere with the glove box. IMHO I would have put it where it belongs the tape and CD will work sideways.
Everyone thank you for the kind words.

Treasure Coast and Tampa can't sell either house Smile.

The time to restore the body and do some upgrades was 6 months Clutch master and slave (when I could work on it)
Fully down drivers window new brass gears
3 new fans (2 pushers 900 cfm each 1 sucker 1800 cfm)
replace the carb set up the NOS
weld in the steel POR15 the floors and bare spots
fill the little dents and dings prime the body then, off to the pros for color.
My friend has a bike shop and we did a lot of the work there.

Next is MSD and maybe fab a new ft spoiler.

I would like to get in touch with some local Florida people and maybe do a tech session or detail session any takers in Florida if so private message me.

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