We had a great trip, and a fun turnout of people for our Annual "Wine and Drive" event to Sonoita / Elgin AZ.  We had three Panteras (and 5 owners), plus some other assorted cars.

Long distance driving award went to Bill and Susanne (414 miles travelled).  Participants were:

  • Bill and Susanne (Pantera)
  • Chuck and Linda (Pantera)
  • Jack and Ruth (Pantera)
  • Sean (Lotus Turbo Esprit - RHD)
  • Chris (Corvette C-6)
  • Kevin and Lori (Mercedes 250C)
  • Steve and his daughter Kristina and friend from England and their dog


We started at the American Legion post for breakfast.  Great food, easy parking, and low prices!  We met one of our friends from the "Fun Italian Automobiles of Tucson" (FIAT) club who dropped by to see us off - (thanks for the visit, Dave!)

Our first stop (at Lightning Ridge) was unsatisfying, as the gates were closed!  So we motored down the road to the first vineyard we could find (Dark Sky Vineyards).  A beautiful facility, featuring bold reds...

We got first-class treatment at the Wilhelm Family Vineyards, where we enjoyed a delicious lunch.  Chuck knows the husband of the vintner, and we were treated like royalty.  We had a wonderful lunch of hors' de otters on the crush pad, before being treated to an extensive tour of their operations.

Finally, we ended up at the Copper Brothel restaurant to catch the end of the first playoff game. 

Wonderful trip with a great bunch of people.  Unfortunately, at the end, the US Border Patrol had to make a "collar" on some unruly Canadians that were considering overstaying their visas!  Luckily, we got that straightened out quickly....


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