I bought the car wrecked in the late 70's when I was a youngster. Now I'm getting to be an oldster and can't drive it anymore. The car was rolled and needed extensive work but not any real rust problems associated with it. The entire drive-line is original and in good shape. I haven't driven it in about 10 years and haven't started it in about 7. I know the engine isn't stuck and it's always been in a garage. I don't believe the car has much more than 30,000 original miles. The car is yellow but I believe the original color to be a Ford truck green color; not lime green but some kind of green that I've never seen on any Pantera. There are interior portions that indicate this. I don't have any pictures available at this time. I guess you could say I'm fishing at this point for a serious buyer.
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Thanks, I appreciate the offer but I'm a pretty good distance from you near Trenton. I was in the auto body business and repaired the car when I bought it. I replaced every panel except for one fender, door and a quarter, those I straightened. I drove it up until about 10 years ago. I was in a pretty serious accident (not with a car) and it's been sitting ever since. It's kind of nestled in my shop amongst my other "wares" so it wouldn't be an easy process to take pictures. I could use the space an I should lighten my load, that's why I posted it. It would be a nice project car because it's not a rust bucket. Even as it sits, it's not like it looks like a pile junk, it is what it is.
I think you'd find that even some basic pictures of it tucked away would get someone interested to drive a little further to come see it. Without pictures and providing limited information about the cars state besides the accident repair, it is difficult to say whether the repair work makes it worthwhile for someone to gamble an offer on.

Your best bet at getting the most for the car is to reach the audience here since many come here to find these cars. You can only do this with pictures. Unless the car is a complete wreck, its really in your best interests to get some basic photos so people can see it, otherwise you limit yourself to the people who are willing to drive a small distance to check it out which would in turn limit your offers.
Lets start by saying what were you looking to get for the car and what do you feel ( having a good knowledge in the auto body business) the repairs it will need ... you should have some basic idea ? Trenton is not that far ... as I was there last week to take my NJ Master License test ..if I only knew sooner .. LOL.

Hustler is SPOT ON with his advice. This is THE BEST place to list a car. After nearly 2 years of serious searching and "business trips" to look at Panteras,a friend and soon to be co-founder of Jersey Panteras suggested this forum. I logged on and two days later I found #7261. I drove 7 hours to Buffalo, NY, gave the owner a deposit, drove 7 hours back (PASTED GRIN THE WHOLE WAY!) and 2 weeks later, the car was delivered...that was in 2003. He had pictures!

If you're willing to uncover it, I am sure our VP (Whaddaya say Mark?) who lives about 30 minutes from you would be happy to take some photos and post for you...hey, he might even have a buyer for it!

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