Forgot to post this when I purchased her about 2 1/2 months ago.

Paid $25k.

24k orig. miles, interior in almost mint condition. Wheels/tires need to be replaced. Factory Paint is in "so-so" condition. I plan on having it repainted as soon as I can afford it. Has some wiring gremlins (ie turn signals don't work. Exhaust needs to be re-done (hangers broken and some bending in the pipes where there shouldn't be). Cleveland runs very strong and has a Holley 600.

Needs some work, but I love her to death. An amazing car.


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It is the one they all came from the factory with. It either says "PANTERA" in great big letters, or it says "DETOMASO pantera gts" if it is a GTS model. Most people don't put them back on when they repaint a car. I kind of like the decals myself, but others think they are gay. But I am pretty sure all Panteras came that way.
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You are right on the decal. Most cars did not come with any decals on them from the factory. I believe the GTS models mainly had them.

Oh. I guess I just assumed they all came that way. Sometimes I do know how lucky I am. Smiler
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