Anyone looking for a rust free Pantera project.Unfortunately I might be relocating and the car won't be coming with me Frowner The car has orig 17,000 miles. Interior mint. I have receipts for over $7000 in new parts.$5000 into the suspension alone, Pat Michals modified upper rear/frt control arms, billet axles Arp wheel bolts,MRC double ball bearing uprights, rebuilt lowers,welded front lower control arms, Koni 30 series shocks,450/600 Hyperco springs, Timken wheel bearings/racers/seals, sprayed black urethane, assembled with aircraft hardware, rebuilt rack with bump steer kit, etc.The entire under carriage,trunk,rails, wheel wells and tub stripped bare metal and treated with Picklex 20 and painted with Zero Rust/black urethane.Gas tank boiled and powder coated. New PPC 5 row aluminum radiator,stainless cooling tubes, aluminum fabricated expansion, overflow tanks.Entire Wilwood brake system with Porterfield brakes,Kirkey aluminum roadracing seat.Everything mentioned is new.The engine/tranny is all orig stock.I have all parts with the exception of drivers side front bumperette.

As it sits presently the car is stripped with fully assembled suspension and ready for paint as a rolling chassis. .If someone local Long Island N.Y buys it I have an appointment setup to have the car painted Jan for $4000 by local gentleman who bodywork/paints for Long Island Mustang/Shelby club.Way too many hours in labor.Great car for the right person.
Asking $23,000 pictures available

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Originally posted by Mark:
When possible please post pictures of your car you have for sale. A price is also a good idea too. This will help you with selling your car.

Danno, you may save yourself some time and increase your chances of an offer if you follow our moderator's advice in the lead post (quoted above). Perhaps you have too many pics to post, but a few representative ones will be better than none. A lot of us are contacted surprisingly regularly by local folk looking to buy a car, so even if some of us here aren't the eventual buyer, if we've "seen" your car, we might at least be able to tell those who are looking. Good luck.
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