Console gauges, clutch master cyl. and original fan mounts from a 72 for sale.

All gauges are in excellent condition and can be used as is without any reconditioning.
Gauges include:
Temp - $65
Oil - $65
Fuel - $65
Amp - Not sure about this one because it always read right in the middle. - If you buy the other three
I will throw this one in.

I removed the gauges because I do not trust amp gauges and went with a volt gauge instead.The
gauges have no fading or damage. They also come with the little mounting brackets that hold them to the console.

I also have two original fan mounting brackets with loops (for fan motors) that have been
professionally stripped and powdercoated gloss black. ($30/both)

Finally, I also have a CNC 3/4 clutch master cylinder for sale. The master cylinder has
100 mile son it. I bought another one thinking it was a bad part but the problem was with the slave. I
now have two of these and only need one. - $30

All prices do not include shipping from 80020
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I don't have a throttle cable. I installed a new one in my car last year. I will look again at the routing of it and let you know. I remember it going through the firewall at an angle behind the driver. Then it ran down the driver's side of the console near the floor. It is held in place by tabs that screw into the tunnel under the console. From there it just plugs in to a little ball on the side of the gas pedal. I hope that helps a bit.
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