Priorities change. I'm offering #5774 for $36,000. Many upgrades and a few warts. I have only 1 picture to add right now but will have more this weekend. The car and I will be at the Concorso. You will recognize my Pantera it's the one with the perfect shade of yellow! Also attached are the spec's. PM me if interested.
Jim Cain
PS also selling Fontana/Bluethunder 4001ci stroker. See parts for sale


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[QUOTE]Originally posted by Vereeken:
I am registered at Provamo but can not access the VIN numbers and photos.... how do I do that?

After logging in, click the "Member's Link", then select "ProvaMo Registry". That should open the registry page. Remember, your submission has to be verified before you have access.
I am registered at Provamo but can not access the VIN numbers and photos.... how do I do that?

Ahhh, another De Tomaso Family member thinking Chuck's site is basically the same as Panteraplace and Banzairunnerpantera.

To gain any entrance to the Provamo site, you must register. This gets you into some of the site, but most of the site - especially the registry - still requires more effort on your part.

To view most of Chuck's site, you are required to contribute at least one Registry addition. Now this can be as simple as entering your own car - if someone else hasn't already done that, unbeknownst to you - or grabbing information from another site: eBay, cartrader, Fun Rally, Concorso,etc. This usually isn't too hard to do, but it is a pain.

While this has resulted in a high number registry in a very short time, Provamo is no doubt the least user-friendly Pantera website due to that restriction. I'm sure it has stumped many casual newbies from enjoying Chucks's site, and many of us have told him that.

But it is his site, and his rules. If you want to play, you got to pay.

I know, but it seems silly to me registering a car that I do not own. I am on trying to buy one as we speak, then I will register it. I kinda agree with e approach from chuck but viewing should be made 'free'. Any way I will ask Jim the photo's.

Also if you want a third party opinion email Mike Drew.....he has been talking about this car on the DeTomaso mailing list over the weekend and saw it at the Concorso. I saw it there also however I'm not expert enough to make an informed assessment on the mechanicals. From a purely asthectic standpoint the picture in this ad does not do it justice. It looks to be a very well presented car....especially at $36K.
Originally posted by A Hudson:
Now THAT, boys and girls, is a nice car. And for the dough, how hard is it to go wrong? Wish I had room for another one. Isn't Coz looking for a car for himself? This car shouldn't be on the market long.

Ditto. Very nice. Looks like it has been well maintainted. Any details on the engine?
Thanks Miles....
It's a beautiful car, needs very little.
Jim Cain has done a great job on it.
Michel is interested in it, but it's my understanding Jim Cain has a pending sale on it.

Originally posted by Vereeken:
I had Jim Cozzolino inspect the car (at least I hope he had time) at the concorso.
Wait and see...
Thanks Coz for the compliment.
I'm working with a buyer in Denmark who is also buying the Fontana/Blue Thunder motor I have for sale in the parts section. He is working out the shipping details. We have an agreement but the deposit has not been wired yet.
I have several interested parties but I would like to sell the car and motor as a package.
Sorry it took me so long to respond. The wheels were made by Junior Wilson and are similar to the ones he made for his tubed framed, 220+mph record setting Pantera. (There are others that know more about him and his cars than I do)
Junior made these for the previous owner(Tony Harvey) and are the only set in the world!
They are 3 piece 15X8 and 16X10.

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