1973 Pantera Jim Cain

Atascadero, Ca. 93422

Some assembly required. Batteries not included

This was a low mile, California car that was taken off the road in the early 90’s to restore. Thousands of dollars of new parts were ordered from Hall Pantera, the body was polished, the doors were hung and, that’s where the project stopped 8 years ago, gathering dust in an unused garage (the paint has cured!). When I purchased the car last year all of the parts that came with the car, that were not new, appeared to be stock, i.e., steering wheel, gearshift knob, AM radio, seatbelts, etc. The infamous stock plastic bushing in the steering rack is still there and in good shape!!


Fully disassembled, stripped to bare metal, rust repaired, dents removed
Bumpers, side clearance lights and front turn signal pods removed and holes filled
Driver side dropped floor pan
Rear inner wheel houses filled and smoothed, painted body color
Painted red in and out, doors, hood, deck, headlight buckets painted off car
Rockers and aprons painted black
Frame rails in motor bay painted black
Wheel wells painted black
Under side of chassis painted black
Doors mounted with SS hinge bolts Nothing else attached to body
Fiberglass chin spoiler
Sugar scoop

NEW PARTS (from Hall Pantera) not installed
Complete AC system
Front mount condenser (in front of radiator)
Evaporator/heater core
3 speed under dash blower/motor
Cold control switch
Hoses and fittings
Sanyo 507 compressor (r134) w/adaptor bracket
Pressure switch
Complete cooling system
Hall 5 core Phoenix radiator lay down style
Extra heavy duty “sucker” fans
Stainless steel water tubes
Polished SS (chrome?) swirl tank and overflow tank w/caps
Gates green stripe hoses, including heater hoses
SS hose clamps
Fan thermo switches
Ball valve heater shutoffs
Front and rear upper ball joints
Front lower ball joints
All bushings are (polyurethane?)
104 piece stainless steel suspension bolt, nut, and washer kit
Tie rod ends and rubber boots
Front inner and outer wheel bearings, seals,
Front axel nuts, washers and caps
Stainless steel flexible break lines
Aluminum sway bar mounts (2)
Sway bar bushings (polyurethane)
Windshield gasket
Back glass gasket
Deck lid seal
Hood seals (2 pieces)
Door seals, w/corners
Door glass channel felt strips and rubber seals
Shifter gate seal
Shift rod/bulkhead boot
Pedal covers
Hood, deck lid adjustment bumpers
Headlight bucket bumpers
Tires, Comp TA 205/50/15, 245/50/15

Door glass (L&R)
Rear glass
Carpet set, black
Hall flow thru door vent kit
Momo steering wheel and adaptor
Throttle cable
Speedometer cable
Steering column lower bushing
Headlight limit switch
Hood vents
Brass gears (3) headlight and window motors
“Dodge colt style” mirrors
Clutch slave cylinder
Clutch slave cylinder stainless steel flex line
Aluminum trunion bearing
GTS script
Rear apron filler panel (covers area vacated by stock AC condenser)
Miscellaneous stainless steel hardware
-----------------------------------END OF NEW PARTS-------------------------------------

The rims are stock 7”, 8” and have been refinished. The tires are mounted and balanced. Tires and wheels stored flat in a dark Ca. barn

If not listed above then the remaining parts are stock and need refinishing
The suspension pieces and steering rack, have been cleaned and blasted
The steering column, pedal assembly and shifter assemblies have been disassembled and cleaned
The dash is perfect, single pod
Door panels are uncut. Armrests are excellent
The bulkhead panel is excellent
The seats are good except driver’s side has small tear
Consol between seats needs recovering, I put the good one in 5774
Center consol kick panels have been cut for speakers
The visors need to be redyed, I put the good ones in 5774
The motor appears stock, rebuilt (?)Holly 750, Edelbrock Performer
The transaxle has been safety wired
The stainless window trim was painted black needs to be refinished
Front and rear grills, side gills need to be refinished
Left rear axel is good, right side worn

Missing parts
Gas tank heat shield
A/C compressor bracket
Deck struts, hood support rod
Ash tray
Window switches
Rear wheel bearings and miscellaneous rear axel parts
Rear axel carrier’s lower shaft assemblies
Defroster tubes
Muffler hanger assemblies (?)
Gas pedal (broken)
License plates
Battery, gas, oil, coolant, R134 refrigerant

If not listed in the preceding paragraphs you can assume I have the stock parts as removed from the car, minus a few nuts, bolts and screws, although, I do have a bunch of those

I will not sell individual parts. It’s all or none.

Please don’t ask about the old parts replaced with new parts, I don’t have them.

Clear California Title

I reserve the right to add or delete items from this list (I might need parts for 5774)

Just to keep from answering to many questions, here is a partial list of

the stock parts:

Break calipers/rotors
Break master cylinder and booster
Break lines, Shuttle valve
Emergency break handle, cables, pivot etc
Half shafts
Sway bars and brackets
Clutch master cylinder
4 piece aluminum motor mounts
4 into 1 headers, Anza mufflers
Complete wiring loom
fuse panel, relay panel and hinged covers
Taillights, headlights and trim
Headlight motor
Door glass lift mechanisms w/motors
Door latch assemblies
Hood and deck latch assemblies
Gas tank and hold down strap
Gas filler tube
Motor cover, 3 pieces
Fiberglass tub
Headliner and trim moldings
Rearview mirror
Gauges, dash panel and center instrument consol
Glove box
Ignition switch
Heater/AC blower housing, and lever control assembly, heater valve
Seat tracks
Windshield wiper system, washer bottle and bracket
Bulkhead motor access cover
Shift rod and u joints
Steering column assembly and u joints
Wheel well splash guards
Rear ¼ window assemblies
Rear license plate light housing
Aluminum Pantera 14” air cleaner
Aluminum valve covers, De Tomaso
Motor is assembled except alternator, flywheel
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Another P car leaves North America for Europe. Hey thats good. It means there is a world wide demand 'Market' for Panteras. Chuck

It is also because the dollar has tanked against foriegn currencies. If it wasn't for all the import taxes the euro guys have to pay, they would be buying up all the Panteras over here.
I was speaking to Bohdan yesterday about this and in Europe when you tell people you have a DeTomaso, they say "Wow!" (most people have heard of them). Here they say "a what? Is that a kit-car, or a Lotus..."
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