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We had a great turnout with 8 AZ Pantera Owners (couples) and 6 Panteras today in southern AZ.  We had another couple from Canada join us as well. Beautiful day, and great driving and friendship.  In no particular order...

Dave and Lori - SUV

Kevin and Wendy - Red Pre-L

Chuck & Linda - Yellow L

Richard and Gina - White L

Bill and Susanne - Orange Group 4

Jerry and Donna - Orange Pre-L / L (Transition Car)

Rick and Christine - White Super Pantera

Vic and Cheryl - Corvette

Al and Diane - SSR


We stopped at a friend's vintage race car garage, and viewed a Cunningham C-4R and the Watson Special (Indy Racer, and at one time the fastest car in the world on a closed course).  Then off on the tour....


Here's pictures of the fun....IMG_0658 [Large)IMG_0664 [Large)IMG_0667 [Large)IMG_0668 [Large)IMG_9040 [Large)IMG_9046 [Large)IMG_9065 [Large)IMG_9067 [Large)IMG_9071 [Large)IMG_9072 [Large)IMG_9078 [Large)IMG_9080 [Large)




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