This GTS Gr 3 was built in 1979 and registered in Austria as a 1980 model. It is a well known car, having belonged to Franz Krump in Austria from 1984 to 1989 (Franz is a contributor here on this board as Si Targa). 

It had a low speed accident in 1987 but was then rebuilt to a high standard using factory parts. As part of the repairs it was repainted from the original brown to its current blue. The GT5 body kit is not original, but Franz has indicated it was purchased from the factory, not an aftermarket vendor. He has described the car as being equipped from the factory with;

"..a more powerful, high compression engine with improved valve train, 12 liter oilpan with stronger oil pump, strengthened gearbox, Gr. 3 exhausts, Girling 4 piston racing brakes, different and lowered suspension sport seats and even a rollcage."

The car was featured in Allrad magazine in its October 1984 edition. If anyone has or can find this article, I would be very grateful if you could share a copy!

After Franz, the car was acquired by Mr. Neumaerker in Vienna, who owned it for some 20 years before it sold to the current owner in Andilly, France.

It is a GTS with the Gruppo 3 (Gr3) package.

Here is the link:

Franz, if you are reading this, please feel free to correct me if I have made any errors or omissions.

- Peter


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