Hey Guys,

After a year and a half 9193 is out of my garage. Runs great and everything works.

A big thank you to all for the tach support.


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Now go drive the wheels off of it  

...and post updates of your adventures! 

Having gotten mine back not too long ago after more than four years, I know how you feel.  Go out and enjoy her.

👍👍 Congratulations ‼️‼️

 No doubt waiting a year and a half was a long time for you to reach this point, but now you can enjoy some crisp Fall drives.


It's a way cool car alright but the traffic here is so bad. Then, how to get it registered in Ca ?  

Never the less I'm stoked and I really enjoy working on it. A fun project. Made a lot of new friends in my neighborhood while out in the garage working on it. This one lady knew exactly what it is and said her father had all the Tomaso cars when she was a kid. Showed me a picture of her and dad working on one.  She new more about them than I do. Also had some of the local cops come by for updates along with FedEx and UPS drivers. One guy told me he hated Pantars because he raced against them and always lost. Maybe I'll just put a chair next to it and greet the locals if I can't get registered. Either way it's been fun.

Thanks all

True that Punkdog!   I have made more friends and met people worldwide through my time with Pantera ownership and restore. Enjoy the ride!   In SC, my property taxes are based on the vehicle year, and they are 38$   Insurance through Hagarty is o bad either at 440$  annually.  Good luck in Ca.

Your registering in CA? Should be no issues easy peasy no smog needed in CA for pre 1975 and none of that other stuff like other states where they check the car all over for wipers, brakes, lights, tires, etc. If you have AAA just take it there and their DMV person will go out with you and check the vin plate, then you pay the registration fee and badaboom get yer plates to put on. Same with the DMV itself although you will need valium first to deal with the frustrating wait in line. If its 75 or older, oh well. If that's the case take it to a good smog shop so they can make sure you have all the requirements before getting it tested. Otherwise the big decklid area makes for a good picnic table.

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