This car used to be owned by forum member 1985GT5.  Asking price is $155,000 USD. This was originally a Texas car according to Bill van Ess. It next pops up in2009 in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

It has passed through Legendary Motorcars previously, sold on behalf of someone in Chicago in 2016.














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As an aside, it never ceases to amaze me how every one these 5 Steel cars I buy, & I've bought a bunch of them, every one I ever bought has had the air cleaner & engine thrown in the bushes sometime in it's life. The air cleaners are made out of a special material if you didn't know, it's called UNobtanium. Three different cars are shown. AND, the GT5  cleaners Kirk made/used? Don't even THINK about finding one of THOSE! 





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That air cleaner is off an Australian Ford Falcon XD or XE ESP, and Ford Ghia Fairmont XE ESP

I think you can find one of Kirk's air cleaners by contacting Kirk! I've seen a coupe for sale and they do get snapped up quickly.

Thank You for that, I'm aware of the originating vehicle however knowing that doesn't help anything when you need 4 or 5 more of them. Regarding Kirk, I've already bought him out of them. He helped me out. The only one Kirk has left that I'm aware of is one of his early  units. Nothing wrong with those by the way, Dorsey Amerisport also has one in Denver from his white 5-S but won't part with it. Suffice to say what ever Kirk had and was willing to sell, it's here, ditto for Wilkinson. I bought them both out of what they were willing to sell. That was an expensive undertaking on my part, but all the ones I bought found a correct home. 

Amazing how soooo many 5Steel cars had their a/cleaners & engine screens thrown in the bushes. It bothers me because I'm a purest. Making the world right, one VIN at a time. lol.

It may help some folks in the fact they can scour Australian sites like Gumtree and setup an automated daily search on, don't expect to find someone selling 5 in a lot though! Also a few on Facebook marketplace if you look.

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