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Hi Simon:

I did not post all the photos from the advertisement here. If you click on the link and scroll down in the ad you will see many more photos. The interior is clearly worn out and the exterior paint and fibreglass are cracking in places. Despite the scores of photos of the exterior and interior, there are no photos of the engine compartment with the luggage tub removed, or of the seats without the seat covers, which suggests they are not presentable. I would also be concerned that the dashboard may have been butchered to accommodate the stereo speakers mounted there. In my communications with a previous owner, he told me the Campagnolo wheels were disposed of by the owner before him, as was the original wing.

The odometer shows 25k but given the amount of wear on the vents, switches, leather, etc, I would question that.

The one photo of the back of the ZF from underneath shows it coated in oil grime, which suggests neglect.

On a more positive note, at least the aftermarket wing is a true Amerisport that I was told was purchased from Kirk Evans.

I have not seen this car in person and can only go by what I see in the ad. Consequently my opinion is worth exactly what you are paying for it, as the saying goes.

@Mike A posted:

I think this is a one owner car.  If it belongs to a guy I have chatted with, it was purchased new by him.  Either way, hard to find.  Takes the right buyer but it would be a fun car for anyone wanting a GT5 or GT5S.  Good luck either way.

Hi Mike:

I checked my correspondence with the owner, Richard T., and you are correct; he bought it new. It was, in fact, not a previous owner but rather the dealer who kept the original wheels, and Kirk Evans who kept the original wing.

Thanks for the correction.


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