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#9414 is currently for sale on BaT:

The records of Claude Dubois, the well known Belgian De Tomaso distributor, show this car originally being sold by him in 1985 to “client” Thaens, who would have been the US importer/dealer. The original colours are shown as red for the exterior and black for the interior.

Bill Van Ess in his registry showed this car, #9414, being “imported to Bekkers (Albany, GA)". The original motor number was 07427, the ZF was 6954, the build date 11/85, and the owner James Wagner.

The car was featured in a short article in, and associated video by, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution on October 26, 2017. It was still owned by Jim Wagner at that time:

In April of 2019, it was advertised on Autotrader for $250,000 USD. It was advertised as “technically an original owner car” brought into the US on 7/27/86.

- Peter


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