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I mounted my new scroll type compressor today and the only way it would go on was with the ports facing down. So when I install the lines the oil will pour out,right? I bought it from Wilkenson and he told me it was pre-filled with oil. Does anyone know how much oil this system should take? IMG_0390IMG_0392


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The oil will not pour out.

There are multiple fittings available, 45-90-180 degree elbows  

If compressor has factory oil fill that should be  sufficient.

134a fill of 2.25-2.5 pounds should get the system in the ballpark. A good AC tech can measure pressures and fine tune the system when ambient temperatures rise in   Summer.


Also keep in mind that if you are mating to the existing hoses, evaporator, condenser etc. they need to be flushed of mineral oil as that and the PAG oil in the new compressor are incompatible. If mixing new and old I always flush both and use Ester oil which is compatible with both. Also change out the expansion valve for an R134a one with a larger orifice.

B03D421A-B42E-470C-AD67-3C0543F39D01I can find only limited information on that compressor. It is not a compressor that has a history of being installed on our cars.

The arrow in the photo points towards what I assume is the oil fill location and it’s sealing plug. On a Sanden compressor the sealing  plug is opposite the oil sump of the Compressor.  

if that is correct for this compressor then that plug must be oriented horizontally or upright. If it is oriented in a downward position it is incorrectly mounted

as currently mounted, where is this plug oriented on your car????



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Second that motion on Larry's mod on the clutch master bolts.  I did something similar, but not as neat looking.  The same trick works on two of the bolts that mount the pedal assembly casting and are not studs.  I think they're the ones that are nearly hidden by the brake booster.  Makes them much easier to deal with.

Well, I just got my new A/C lines made and I go to install the # 10 low pressure hose to the compressor ( I have it mounted on it's side with the inlet and outlet facing the fender well) and remove the shipping cap and get up to go get a wrench, come back and there is a puddle of oil. There is no way to measure the amount that came out so, I'm assuming I need the remove the compressor AGAIN, drain it, reinstall and add more oil. Pag oil? how much?

You likely did not lose enough oil to make any difference in performance. 🤞🤞🤞

get one of those little plastic cups with all of the dosage lines on it that come with NyQuil, fill it and then pour it out to create a similar size puddle. I doubt you’ve lost more than an ounce.

try this and then give us an estimate of how much oil actually was spilled


It didn't look like that much but, it dripped on a moving blanket. Where I had my lines made, the the A/C guru told me not to trust the amount of oil that came in the compressor from the factory and the amount should be an exact amount for this system or it could cause catastrophic failure. The A/C dude also said it could be between 3 to 6 ounces but was not certain. Anybody have the amount that it requires?

Your chosen compressor is, as previously mentioned, not common to most of us.

if it was the common Sanden compressor I believe the fill is seven or 8 ounces. With a little effort I can find the actual value but you do not have a Sanden compressor

I doubt that Steve would know the factory fill amount. I suggest you try to track down the manufacturer or at least a manual for the compressor that you have.


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