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Now that summer is almost over, I am getting ready to get the A/C working again. (Actually, here in Florida we still have another 2 months of 85-90 degree days)
Anyway, here is what I have going:
all for an r-134 system
New rotary compressor
new Condensor (4 row) in the stock location
new fan that pushes 900 CFM across the condensor
new hoses barrier type
new evaporator from Pantera East (Hi efficiency)
new 3 speed blower fan from Pantera East.
new evaporator
My first question is, on the A/C switch there is a long capillary tube that goes into the evaporator core. What is it's function, and can it be eliminated? More questions (I'm sure) to follow as I get further along with the system.
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