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ITV's first press release arrived via email today.


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Dear De Tomaso Enthusiasts, 

We are pleased to announce that one of the greatest untold stories in automotive history, the legendary marque that is De Tomaso, is officially coming back for its 60th anniversary.

Founded in 1959 by racer and visionary Alejandro De Tomaso, the marque is widely recognized for its most successful model, the Pantera, and its famous partnership with Ford. However, few realize the depth of the brand’s rich history and achievements such as its racing heritage, producing Formula One cars that were ran by the likes of Frank Williams, amassing a conglomerate of industrial holdings consisting of Ghia, Innocenti, Vignale, Moto Guzzi, Benelli and owning Maserati from 1975 to 1993. And this is just touching the surface.

Since Alejandro’s passing in 2003 the true brand has been dormant. However, the spirit has lived on thanks to the passionate international owners clubs.

For the 60th anniversary, the legend will be reborn for the next chapter of De Tomaso and a new project has been created. The new car is code-named Project P and goes under the hashtag #DTprojectP. Over the coming months the story telling will commence and we will reflect upon this special brand and its historical milestones.

The Project P and next generation of De Tomaso Automobili will be unveiled on 4 July 2019 at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Further information on De Tomaso Automobili will be announced in due course.


“Alejandro De Tomaso came to Italy and wanted to make his debut but he was nobody. So he asked which hotel in Modena was the most prestigious? And they told him, the Canalgrande. So he went there. After a month they gave him the check that he obviously could not pay, so they kicked him out. The first thing he did when he made his money was to buy the hotel.

Think about it — it’s incredible!” 

Marcello Gandini on Alejandro De Tomaso.


“In 2014, Ideal Team Ventures (ITV) acquired the rights to De Tomaso. Ideal Team Ventures is widely known for it’s success with the re-birth of Apollo Automobil. Our latest project, the Apollo IE, has received worldwide accolades not only for its striking design and engineering expertise, but also for the philosophy behind the brand, the car and our team’s precise execution strategy. The same core team behind Apollo, including our technical partners, will now embark on the revival of the legendary Argentine-Italian automotive brand that is De Tomaso Automobili.”

Norman Choi, ITV and De Tomaso Chairman.

“Alejandro’s journey was never properly told and we feel his name should be commonly recognized amongst greats such as Enzo Ferrari and Ferruccio Lamborghini. Since the acquisition of De Tomaso we have been secretively working behind the scenes on a world class revival strategy with the intention to go public with our efforts for the 60th anniversary. When the new car debuts this summer, not only will another special vehicle be added to the brand’s heritage, but the story will finally be told,”

 Ryan Berris, De Tomaso General Manager and CMO.


De Tomaso is coming back in celebration of its 60th Anniversary.
De Tomaso remains one of the greatest untold stories in automotive history.
The core team behind the Apollo Automobil is responsible for the revival of De Tomaso.
A new car has been co-developed with world-renowned technical partners.
The new car is code-named Project P and uses the hashtag #DTprojectP.
A new De Tomaso logo has been created for the next generation.
The Project P and the next generation of De Tomaso Automobili will be officially unveiled on 4th July, 2019 at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

De Tomaso Automobili Website

new logo


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Original Post

Forgive me for growing weary of DT rebirth stories. I sincerely hope to eat my hat on this one.  What happened to the other rebirth storyline? (the Los Angeles based effort). Presumably, they would need to sell or release the rights to the new folks? Or perhaps they never truly had the rights? Is the trademark no longer being defended?

Rossignolo acquired De Tomaso in 2009. Of course he got in trouble for mis-using the funds the banks intended for the business. He landed in prison in 2012.

So in 2012 De Tomaso was again up for sale by the Italian authorities. There were rumors circa 2013 and 2014 that De Tomaso was acquired by ATS, Lotus, or Genii Capital. Were those rumors, or was there a transaction that fell through? I never really heard.

ITV acquired De Tomaso from the Italian authorities in 2015. They are a serious group. And they've already "started-up" one automobile company, i.e. Apollo Automobil.  De Tomaso is their second venture. Unlike Rosignolo these folks want to honor the marque's history and establish a rapport with existing owners. As far as I'm concerned they seem to be doing everything right so far. This year's staged roll-out has been in planning a long time. I'm very curious to see the car they will be unveiling.

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This has been portrayed for a long time, it isn't as much a rebirth as a limited production run of continuation GT5S cars in carbon at inflated prices. I really don't know why everyone gets so excited about another Chinese knockoff that is more expensive than the real thing.

I'm going to wait for the results. In my view drawing attention to the brand helps my position. As the saying goes, a rising tide floats all boats.

In the past, many producers of products have shot themselves in the foot by offering inferior products from every country.

Personally I'm trying to get over the tendency of calling countries or peoples inferior. That is purely racist and worldwide racism is a big issue.

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