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For curiosity's sake, in the link below there is a reference to a third crossover muffler on the last Longchamps:

"The exhaust system was changed several times; the original 
system was a conventional dual exhaust with upswept tailpipes, but this led 
to a problem of exhaust fumes entering the cabin when driving with the 
windows down, so the later system’s pipes exited straight out the rear. The 
third exhaust featured a third crossover muffler to quiet the cars enough to 
meet ever-increasing noise regulations, and was only found on the latest cars."

Do this means the last Longchamps was delivered with a H- or X-pipe original from the fab? If so, do anyone have any pictures of this system/arrangement?

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I’d be very surprised if there were as many as 10 Longchamps left in North America. A few have migrated overseas, and many of the cars in the Registry are long lost or unknown current location. There undoubtedly are a bunch well hidden, but there are a few of us who own, drive and share ours. I hope you get to experience one as they are great cars. Very comfortable, fast and quite good handling. 

Mine is an early one converted by Wilkinson to GTS spec and I can say it certainly could benefit from an X-pipe. I’ve been considering doing that for years but haven’t gotten too bothered yet by the roar (it’s louder than my stock Pantera). 

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