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I’ve installed many of Jon Haas’ PE products and most all of the PE LED products including the LED Front Signal Light Conversion I installed last winter. The parking lights, with clear lenses installed, are bright-white for daytime driving and change to amber when the parking lights or headlights are on and when the turn signals are operating--pretty cool.

Here are a couple of the test photos I shot after installation…


I drove my Pantera over 2,200 miles last year to various area cruise-ins with my car buddies. I typically lead our caravan, and there were a few times when I truly believe the daytime driving lights kept people from pulling out in front of me keeping us safer, IMHO.

A local photographer caught my PE daytime driving lights blazing as I was leaving a Cars & Coffee last September…

Leaving Dayton Cars and Coffee

Info about the LED Front Signal Light Conversion on the Pantera Electronics Web site. Ping Jon if you have any questions.

LED parking lights (


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  • Bright-White
  • Bright-Amber
  • Leaving Dayton Cars and Coffee
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I have had my own interactions with "Jeepsters". At this point I am not sure that they are of human ancestry and have severe doubts. Their mere presence on the road is dangerous simply because you have to watch their actions so closely it distracts from watching the other jerks such as the "Dodge Boys" which tend to be fugitives from a brain transplant.

Caution, as always, should prevail.

States like CA would be the cautionary ones to use anything like this in.

I don't have the kit but personally love the idea and the creative engineering and train of thought that went into it.

Roadside inspections by Fuzz are always a concern in the back of my mind.

Some of the Fed Regulations that the '70s Panteras were legally immune from are not the things I would want to attempt to defend on a mandatory roadside inspection.

The mere presence of a Pantera is likely to to result in a fit of retribution to something by the local "Highway Patrol". I'm always thoughtful of what unwanted additional attention these modifications could initiate.

In all honesty I always consider where I am traveling to, where I may need to get towed in from and how much potential bail money I might need. I have been advised more then once that I need to forget the past, leave it go and live for today. That's really easy to say when you can't forget the time the .45 was put against your head. That one should stay for a reason of survival? It isn't my fault that I am nuts, but admitting that you are, doesn't make it go away.

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