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Newbie here. Have had #1386 for about 2 months..
Having some engine out work being done on my early 1971 and PO provided me with a complete set of new AC hoses. I believe the AC line through the rocker panel is original to the car, so I thought this would be the right time to replace it..(plus the AC system was not working when I purchase the car.. new rotary compressor installed some years ago by PO and converted to 134a) I've searched the forum and seen some references to what a pain in the a** it is to replace, but I have not seen any notes on how to approach this replacement. Has anyone replaced these lines and can they offer me some procedural suggestions/hints/ or cautionary notes? I did review Mike Dailey's site on his AC overhaul, but he did not replace this hose. Any help would be appreciated..

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While not the most pleasant of tasks, it's not really too hard to do.

Disconnect the battery. The obvious items to remove are the right seat and the glove box. Before removing the glove box's right side pivot screw, place a rag over the fuse panel and around the hole in the rocker panel (where the hoses enter the cabin). If you drop anything into the rocker panel, it can be difficult to retrieve.

On the fuse panel, remove the two retaining nuts (one is at the top, and the other is at the bottom), slide the fuse panel off of the studs, and swing it out of the way. This will give you more working room when removing / installing the hoses.

Make sure that the refrigerant system has been depressurized before removing any of the hoses.

Once the hoses have been disconnected from the evaporator / expansion valve and the compressor, you should be able to pull them out of the rocker panel. The old hoses will most like be quite stiff, but they will come out. Sometimes it is helpful to cut one end of the hose just above the rocker panel.

Start with the smaller hose. Tie a wire or a small diameter rope onto the end of the hose. This will be used to pull in the new hose.

The hoses will most likely have some oil in them. Take care so that it doesn't drain some place that you don't want it to, like the carpet.

Once the old hoses have been removed, tie the pull cord onto the first hose and pull it through. A second person is VERY helpful when doing this.

Make sure that BOTH ends of your new hoses are capped either with a plug or tape. You DO NOT want ANY contaminants to enter the hoses.

I would suggest starting with the larger diameter hose first.

I've attached a pic of my early '71 (#1490) with the dash removed, which should give you a better visual of what's behind the dash.



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thanks so much for the description as well as the picture. If I can get the hoses disconnected after being there for 45 + years I will give it a try and report back.. BTW, it looks like you may also have a Becker Europa radio in your car judging by the box dangling from the radio connection wiring. Pretty neat that you still have the old style unit in your Pantera.

I would flush the A/C system prior to removing the hoses as it's easier and less messy to access and catch the solvent.

The single biggest mistake many make with an A/C upgrade is to install the R134a pump with it's PAG oil on an R12 system with mineral oil. The two are not compatible and will gum up the system. We drain new compressors overnight flush the system and use Ester oil which is compatible with both.

The second biggest mistake is not changing the evaporator valve under the dash. The R134a requires a smaller orifice to achieve the desired pressure drop across the valve. this it typically why folks blow high pressure hoses first.


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