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Good morning. So after owning 3331 for 15 years, I finally decided to go ahead and charge the AC.

So I have a new York compressor that runs R12 that was installed 20 years ago and sealed but never used. I recently connected hoses and bought a dryer. I'm ready to charge, add oil, and know to slowly charge and watch pressures carefully. I know to charge on the suction side, but my only question is what ports do I use? The ones on the compressor don't appear to have shrader valves. What happens when I disconnect the gauge hoses? Will all the refrigerant leak back out? Am I missing something?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!





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So the good news!

1. I was able to open the compressor valves as instructed. I had the charging hoses disconnected and the system was empty.

2. I tested the AC switch; the compressor solenoid sounded and the condenser fan ran nicely.

2. The system held vacuum for a long time. Both needles never budged.

I added 1 small can of R12 and  2 oz of ester oil. Both pressures were around 55 psi.

The bad news:

I started the car and added about 1/2 can of R12 and the high side pressures keep wanting to go above 300 psi. (See video) The evaporator temp never dropped from 80 and the condenser coil never got hot. I guess there’s a blockage?? Expansion valve or dryer??

Please help!!



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William, know there is a so-called 'final filter' in the side arm of most Pantera OEM expansion valves, under the dash between the glove box & console. It is a tiny conical brass screen that catches pieces of dryer can media, flakes of rubber off hoses etc, etc. Mine was plugged solid so practically no flow. Replacement e-valves don't have the screen, apparently to increase flow & thus cooling. To remove, fish it out with a hooked scribe and soak in solvent to clean. It just sits in the valve. But 50 yrs is a loooong time to 'sit' if no one has ever cleaned it.

Oh, and replace the dryer can; I cut an old one apart and what was left in there you wouldn't want to flush down a toilet! Originally 1/3 full of small moisture drying pellets.

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