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On the Longchamp the engine is pretty stock. Being brought up around Chevy adjustable rockers, the non-adjustable pedestal ones seemed a mystery to me. After reading page 118 in How to Rebuild Ford V8 Engines, by Tom Monroe, I got more mystified. Because if I'm right, there's an error in the book. And normally these HP Books are pretty accurate. So help me understand.

The books says:
"Wiggle the rocker arm and rotate the pushrod to check for slack, and look at the lifter to see if its plunger has moved. Run the bolt down while keeping track of the number of turns. When the fulcrum bottoms on its stand, stop turning and counting. The range is 3/4 to 1-3/4 turns. [] If fewer turns are required, you need a shorter pushrod, and a longer if more turns are needed"

Unless I've totally misunderstood, the last sentence is wrong, I think it should read "If fewer turns are required, you need a LONGER pushrod, and a SHORTER if more turns are needed".

Anybody agree with me? Is Tom Monroe on this forum? Wink
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The non adjustable rockers on the hydraulic lifter Clevelands is just that, non adjustable.
Just bolt them down as far as the bolt goes and torque them to 20 ft-lbs.

Some of the aftermarket aluminum roller rockers for pedestal mount come with shims to put under the pedestal to adjust it. Problem is it only works if the assembly is too tight. To loosen it you need a shorter push rod.

Normally, if every thing is unworn, i.e., new and the push rod is the Ford original equipment or the equivalent then there is not problem, lifter is stock height, just bolt them down.
I think you are right, Mikael. I have that book too, and also thought that does not seem right to me.

The idea is to see how much the hydraulic lifter is compressed when on the base circle of the cam - in simple terms of the number of threads of the rocker arm bolt. Think - if you tighten the bolt all the way and the push rod is still loose, you most certainly need a longer push rod.

So you are correct - the book has an error.
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