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Hello to all. I have just joined the forum on the recommendation of a fellow Pantera owner, member and friend.

Sadly, health reasons now force me to sell my pride and joy after nearly 33 years of ownership. Frowner

I'm struggling a bit with the ability to include photos with this post so please bear with me. I have compiled an extensive list of modifications to the car and another list of extras included with the sale of the car. Please send me a PM with an e-mail I can use for the lists and additional photos.

thank you in advance,



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Original Post
Thank you Michael and Mark for the assistance and kudos. It's been the most reliable (and of course, most enjoyable) car I've ever owned. I've been lucky enough to take the car down the entire length of the Blue Ridge Parkway and through the Smokey Mountains on vacation many years ago. I've also driven it out to the Road America circuit in Elkart Lake, Wi. for sports car races a number of times. It's been driven as intended, but meticulously cared for. Sadly, it's time to part with it.

If anyone wishes more details, please PM me and I can furnish more info and the lists described above.

thank you, Pete
Thanks Tom and PLT-1. Your right, selling the car is definetely a two-edged sword. The desire to sell because it is now, the most practical decision is offset by nearly 33 years of proud and fun-filled ownership...and the fact that the car continues to turn heads, to this day, better than most anything out there.

But I sure don't need to explain that to anyone on this forum.
Nice car. Must be hard. I suggest you find an investment banker and sell his organs so you get the cash and get to keep the car.
A number of advantages to this scheme:
1. He (or she I am in favour of equal opportunity) does not turn heads.
2. Won't be missed
3. Will not stick with your for 33 years

Red Face)

Find a good home for her close to you you never know you will be able to pick her up again.


Hello to all, once again.

I have not yet refreshed the expired posting on Craig's List. To facilitate contact, if you or anyone you know would like the detail lists I've mentioned as well as many additional photos, please contact me directly at the following e-mail address.

Sincere thanks to the forum for the inquires and referrals.

take care and safe motoring,

I have seen this car personally and it is as described. The body is nice and straight, the interior is perfect, this car has obviously been well taken care of. It is a very stock appearing car but has had some wise upgrades. The car is well worth his asking price.

That being said, I have never driven this Pantera or given it a thorough inspection, so I can't speak for that. But, I know Pete and he's a terific guy and a striaght shooter.

In my opinion, if you're looking for a very stock looking Pantera that is very clean and well maintained, then this is the car for you.

Ian Hannington
Allow me to thank the forum once again for my advertisement/posting and the "word of mouth" kudos the car has recieved. After a long, snow filled and cold winter - it looks like spring has finally arrived. Please pass this info onto anyone who may appreciate it - as the car is still for sale.

By the way, the new website format is very impressive.
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