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Arkansas like Vegas, can be brutally hot and we also have 100% humidity at times. I've installed an aluminum radiator from Pantera Performance with a high volume water pump. The trunk insert has had no effect on engine temperature. The car runs at 175-185 degrees with no heating issues.
The headlights were easy to install.
When I was in Arkansas last month, I stopped by to visit Alex and look at his GT5-S---WOW---very nice. I checked the car out top to bottom and took it out for it's maiden test drive---way to much power---a truly counter intuitive statement---it kicked ass!

Alex owns a top shelf hair salon and has maybe the best hair care product line in the country called "RAHA" Alex did most of this car himself and it's one of the best overall S-cars I have seen. Here are some pictures I shot while visiting last month. Enjoy.

Kirk Evans --- AmeriSport ---


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