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This site is a Godsend! I almost bid on a '72 pre-L with all kinds of problems (of course, NOT revealed by the seller). The price seemed so right I almost dove in headfirst. I need help. Is it even possible to buy a decent Pantera in the $18-25,000 price range. I don't need a show car, but don't want one that requires constant repairs. I live in Las Vegas, and want a/c (either working or repairable). Of course, I don't want rust or bondo (don't we all). I don't care that much about color, but black is a killer (literally) in the desert.

Is there hope for me?
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Sure there is hope for you. I almost did the same thing as you when I first started looking and was steered away by several
Pantera people. Found mine locally. You may just have to look a bit harder. 25k
should be able to buy you something decent.
Not perfect, but in good shape. You should have someone knowlegeable look it over for you if you can. Pantera people will do this for you if/when they can. Good luck.
Thanks to all of you. Where can I get the PI magazine? I have never seen it on any bookstore shelf. I can do a fair amount of work on almost any car, but I leave the body and paint to experts with the right equipment and facility. I don't want a street racer or hot rod, just a smooth running, driveable one on which I can correct minor deficiencies when they pop up.
I just negotiated a deal last night with a car for sale listed in this BB. I spent months on research and here is what I learned and why I spent a bit above budget. Here's what I found with most of the current mid $20k cars.
A/C-all there but not working:could be $200 r-12 refill or $2000+ in parts and labor.
ZF- shifts fine but never touched, probably needs to be wired and serviced $2000+
Suspension- original, probably needs all new bushings
Interior-all original and probably needs new hides. $1000+
The list goes on and on and the $$$ will pile up. I spent mid thirties and will get a car that has everything working, original owner with all records since new, all wearable items updated with improved brakes, suspension, cooling, 17" wheels, new hides, Group 5 steel package and a fuel injected stroker motor.
Another word of advice: find out where it has had services. Many have been through the doors of one of the specialists. I have spoken with all of them and they are very honest if they have seen the particular car. Plus they offer a lot of good insight into the marquee.
Dallas for the PI mags, you are already there. Just go to the bottom of this page, click on "PI Home Page", and then click on "Whats Inside PI". My cars are the bottom photo of the orange car and group 4 cranberry color car. Join as a PI member to get started getting copies and order some back copies, you will be glad you did.
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