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I’m now in the process of restoring my Longchamp. When removing the rear bumper I found an antenna inside the bumper. I also have a vertical power antenna in the rear fender. I see in my brochures that later Longchamps (mine is 1978) don’t have antenna in the rear fender, so I assume it has the bumper antenna. But why do I have both? Anyone else has this?

And how do I optimize the sound quality? Should the 2 antennas be connected parallel or in series?

I was thinking about welding shot the fender antenna hole before painting it, I like the clean no-antenna look. But the antenna signal from the bumper antenna is not very good. Is that because it’s old, or because of the positioning? I remember vaguely from physics something about a Faraday’s Cage(?), and an antenna low to the ground, horizontal, and surrounded by steel doesn’t sound like a good idea.

Any views on this?
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Surrounding an antenna with metal does indeed creat a Faraday cage- an effective shield against electromagenetic radiatio (e,g- radio waves). Maybe with a fiberglas rear bumper? Very early radios had horizontal antennas for appearance's sake, I guess. My first car- a 1937 Oldsmobile- had an antenna mounted below the left running board. Problem is, such a position tends to pick up only the horizontal part of the broadcast signal (AM or FM), severely limiting the reception range of even the best radio. If you don't like driving around with a chrome pole sticking out of your vehicle, there are aftermarket glue-on antenna wires for windshields, and windshields that have the wires enbedded. Neither works as well as the old reliable vertical units. I suggest a retractable antenna in back- when you're driving you almost can't see it, and when the ignition shuts off and you get out to admire the machine, the antenna retracts. Also guards against punks in parking lots snapping it off 'cause they don't own a nice car and you do. Personally, we almost never listen to our Pantera's excellent Pioneer AM/FM/CD player w/disappearing antenna. Both Judy & I prefer to listen to the motor-music coming out from behind. To each his own...
Sorry, Mikael- I forgot the one and only Longchamp I got to ride in was the monstrously modified one owned by Chris Statham in England (since sold). 10x 15" fronts, 13x15" rears under big flairs and a huge motor. The sound was- if anything- louder than our Pantera. When Santiago DeTomaso first saw the thing, he asked what it was....
When Santiago DeTomaso first saw the thing, he asked what it was....


I guess I have to find a quality chrome power antenna then.

Strange that nobody else has the bumper antenna though, the bracket used is the same as for the red fog light in the other side, and the antenna wire is routed beneath seats and carpets, so to me it looks factory installed...
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