I'm considering MIG Brazing in a set of steel GTS flares soon and wondered if anyone has experience doing this on a Pantera. MIG Brazing is used on the newest cars from Jaguar, Honda and others in non-structural  areas because the lower temps don't compromise the steel or the rust proofing. You will find most roof panels on newer cars are MIG Brazed on with little or no lead used. The lower heat also reduces warping of the steel compared to regular MIG welding which means less overall bodywork to finish. MIG brazing looks to have 60% of the tensile strength of regular MIG welds but only requires less than 50% of the heat of a fusion weld. ICAR requires it for certain new car repair certifications.

I have done some Mig brazing before and it seems to work well on mild steel sheet metal.  Anybody else have experience with it?

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20180508_19053520180508_193200I can really recommend it! When i work on new cars  it is forbidden to use common Mig wire. It ruining the steel so it starts to rust and on the boron steel parts in frame beams it cracks and destroy the steels capacity !

You have to use a puls Mig and argon gas with this wire!

The wire is called Cu Si3

I used it on all the body seams on my Pantera to get them water proof and strong you see in the pictures that its not building up much heat with this method



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