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You have a Pantera with VIN #7637 or a ZF? There are no registry records for VIN# 7637. The ZF numbers do not reflect the Pantera VIN#, but do increase with chassis number years, a ZF with #7637 would be around a late 1972 or early 73 Pantera VIN#.

I have car 3783 with 3783 gearbox. The shifter control has a different number. This OTHER transaxle I bought with the car. Was in a wooden crate. Was supposed to be brand new. After I thrashed my 2nd and 3rd gear to death, I took both to the Gear Dog. I have all the setup tools courtesy of my cars previous owner, Jeff Burgy. Really dude, did you have to put your name on everything, JEEEEZ! Anyhow the Dog said that 7637 was new or never used. Mine needed 5800.00 in parts. So he fixed mine. Safety wired the 7637 and resealed the package and put back in this old wood crate. Whew, only spent 8000.00 on repairs! Originally bought 7637 with car in 2004 for 4000.00. A health check and safety wire. Add 18 years of storage in a nice cozy space. Yeah I want 10K for ZF #7637. You get the crate too. Says made in Italy with the Ford part number.

Kirk from Amerisport is coming  by to see the other parts. He told me to hold off on selling till he gets a look. Does that sound a little self interested?

I'll keep checking to see if anybody comes across any better info. I know it's past sequence but what was the last known VIN (1974 US market) and it's matching gearcase number?

Found a car that popped up on a Japanese website that included the numbers 7637. Can't locate any info on the VIN number after translating the page using the Goog. It's a really nice complete car. Not missing a ZF.

Here's what 7 years ago looks like on mine. Some bad old work was the beginning of my nightmare. I literally tore the back of the car loose. Had cracks running across both sail panels, c pillar. Car started turning in funny side to side. This made me park it.

My dad gave me my first ride. He worked the Dearborn Test Track and brought one home for a long lunch. It was Orange with black interior. Ford had bought back 6 or 7 of them for lawsuits stemming from rusted cars in Europe. Seems a doctor or lawyer had an early car that rotted out and went over a train crossing and it separated into two pieces. Remember my dad commenting on what a ride that must have been. They had pictures and were corroding them at accelerated rates. At the end of testing, two mysteriously lost engines and transaxles, couple lost wheels and tires, everybody took the emblems for their toolboxes. They had problems back then borrowing from Uncle H.

So they lined them up (what was left) out on the track parking lot and had a D9 stoked and waiting. Everybody came out to watch them go from 4' to 1' thickness, then forked onto a flatbed.

Here's some pics from mine. A survivor from Michigan. I wore two kids and myself out scraping the undercoating. So long long ago. I've lost weight too!

#3783 Nearly Naked

Rub, Rub, Rub it off and put it back on.

Cutting the clear over the black-black.

Working up the shine.

When you're glad you went black

Fat guy no arms and no beard.


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  • #3783 Nearly Naked: Tried to borrow a roto, he said to buy one cause he's gonna need it within the next two years.
  • Rub, Rub, Rub it off and put it back on.: This is when you think of painting it white.
  • Cutting the clear over the black-black.: Should have started sanding while it was green. Took awhile to get the gonnads to use a DA. What a revelation!
  • Working up the shine.: So many products have improved since my days of slickin out an overall enamel jobs avoiding 7 coats of lacquer and rub time.
  • When you're glad you went black: Guess knowing how to do this stuff sticks with you. Roughly 20 years since I last painted.
  • Fat guy no arms and no beard.: I'm sure this was taken at 4am.
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