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My York compressor is leaking oil and I just spent $300 plus on refilling the system with R12. Assuming the magic gas hasn't bored a hole in the ozone layer above my house, my choices are:
Rebuild the York
Find a Sanden R12 compressor
Convert to 134 (my last option)


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C236D088-115B-4167-9FC1-E64E8CEF03ABCompressors are compressors.

R12 and 134 do  use different oils, and the two oils are not compatible

A new 134 compressor will function in an R12 system. You would need to confirm the factory filled oil in the compressor is compatible with R12, or do a flush if incompatible

The new 134 compressor will have O-ring fittings. These fittings can be adapted to the R12 hoses’ flare fittings with these adapters

Hope this helps



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  • C236D088-115B-4167-9FC1-E64E8CEF03AB

Dear Jmardy,

           I have owned two Panteras for over thirty years.  One still has the York compressor AC system.  The other one was converted to R134 in 1998.

           The old stock AC system has soldiered on over the decades.  It cools as well as a Pantera can and is comfortable.  It has even tolerated various iterations of engine power and rpms without problems.

          The R134 system has been a headache since 1998.  I finally took it to a qualified Pantera mechanic in DFW with lots of experience with heat, humidity and Pantera AC problems last year.  My issues had nothing to do with the R134 swap per se, but rather the covert combination of two or three electrical connection issues that cascaded into badly problematic function.  It *finally* works properly.

         You can make either R12-stock or converted R134 AC systems work well with enough time, money and attention to unsuspected details (electrical connection high resistance, etc).   

         I would suggest that the current Craig's List and eBay price for actual R12 Freon around here is $35/pound two years ago.  If your current AC is working properly and you have some other "items" on your Pantera performance punch list, then the most pragmatic course would be to simply buy a modest supply of R12 and postpone conversion to R134 until the invisible hand of economics nudges you.....

                 Warmest regards, Chuck Engles

Thanks all!
Assuming the $335 worth of R12 that was installed last week when they replaced the dryer to compressor line hasn't leaked out of the compressor to dryer line -it went "pssssst" when I moved it around working on something else but stopped when I let it return to its normal position - I'll get it evacuated, get the new line installed (thanks Wilkinson's) and hope for the best.
Otherwise a new 508 and bite the bulled and buy some more R12.

Sanden has discontinued the SD508 (in fact all their R-12 compressors) so if Vintage AIr have one snag it quickly! As Forest said there are a plethora of Chinese copies on the market, so purchase from a reputable dealer that can verify it is a true Sanden. That said, the Vintage age ones are described as "Vintage Air Sanden" so may be of their own manufacture.

I replaced my worn out Sanden SD508 a couple years ago, and yes, the SD508 for R12 was no longer available.  However, the AC shop recommended the modern equivalent, which actually is a more efficient compressor, and ordered it with the correct v-groove pulley and the correct flare fittings for my R12 system.  They then flushed the factory oil and replaced with the correct oil for R12. 

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