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In 1976 a trio of Arizona Panteras traveled to Sears Point for high performance driving courses at the Bondurant School. This photo shows a white Az L, (note it's Arrivas) my yellow/black L, (complete with it's - as recently purchased - "Formula  1 Super Stock" tires) a silver Az L and a silver/black Az GTS ready to go on track.


I recall that spouses and other Pantera owners took other driving courses with our Zs and 510 sedans, seen here in that track ready morning line up. All three Panteras performed well, with the exception of the typical Autolite fuel sloshing in the float bowl hesitation in the turn 6 carousel, with no overheating or mechanical problems experienced during some spirited lapping sessions. I'm wondering if any of those owners and/or Panteras are still in Az now and recall their experiences as fondly as I do.


(In other words, Rocky can you do some Arizona Panteras investigating ?)


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