Here is a link for something special. Currently for sale in Italy through a Dutch auction site.

A short translation:
"The car war made for the CEO of a company that made most of the trains supplied to the Italian rail roads. He ratted out on an Italian magistrate and as a result, he started to feel like he could become a target for a certain Italian organisation".

Besides the armoring its also equipped with a fire-surpressing system and a cb radio. No performance or other upgrades are mentioned.

It comes with some documents but no title. It is listed as a 1986 model but that seems almost impossible. As this is chassis # 2108.

Chassis 2092 was registered in July 1980.

Chassis 2102 was registered in November 1980

Chassis 2110 with engine 351/213 was build in 1980 and first registered in The Netherlands in August 1980.

The Dutch importer always had one in stock in those days so can this account for the out of sync registration dates.

deauville 2108-1

deauville 2108-2

deauville 2108-3

deauville 2108-4

deauville 2108-5

deauville 2108-6

deauville 2108-9

deauville 2108-10

deauville 2108-11deauville 2108-12deauville 2108-13

deauville 2108-14deauville 2108-15

deauville 2108-16

deauville 2108-17

deauville 2108-18

deauville 2108-19



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Loving the thick window frames which I assume were needed to encase the ballistic glass. It's fun to think about what this thing would weigh in at. Probably one thousand pounds over a normal Deauville? I bet the bulletproofing materials have progressed by leaps and bounds over the years. I don't believe run-flat tire technology was available back then. If it was it must have been terribly exotic and expensive. 

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