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Well folks, we made the smartest move ever! Carmen's idea all the way!

Carmen convinced me to chip in with him and we purchased a 53' enclosed trailer. Carmen owns a big Propane distribution company and has a large site filled with tractors along with a complete shop where all his trucks and equipment are serviced by his own guys.

The plan is to prepare the trailer to carry 6 Panteras. It will be ready in the summer. Now we will be able to travel anywhere for not much cost and get door to door pickup and delivery service on our own schedule. Carmen has even offered his tractors and drivers as needed. What a killer idea.

So no more excuses! Pocono. New Jersey. BC. Alberta. You name it. We will even be able to pick up those folks who have a hard time getting to Kingston. Now there's an offer that will be hard to refuse. We'll use the trailer for the next 10 years. So costs of operating can be shared by the cars we carry. Great deal all around.
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Knowing Carmen and David, that trailer will be ready to roll about two days after the snow has started to thaw! Wink I think it's a great move and a really huge service to all of us, as it means more gatherings will be better attended.

I am looking forward to figuring out how we can load it and send it to Italy!
Don;t worry Mark. Pocono is definitely the first event on our schedule. We will be ready. Mark is already figuring out how to bring both his cars!

Blaine and Peter, all we have to cover is the fuel and driver expenses. We'd be happy to send him out to get you and bring you to Kingston!

Peter, we thought about graphics, but since it will be sitting in Carmen's lot or at some roadside station wherever we go, we figured it might be better to leave it looking like crap on the outside. I'm planning to park my cars in it during the winter. The plan is to do all the mechanicals and get the inside done nicely to transport our cars safely. Then we'll worry about the outside.

(Gee, I wonder how long I will really be able to look at it without springing for some nice polished wheels and trim and a zoomy paint job...)

About this Canmore event... where will you start and end?
Originally posted by deeb:About this Canmore event... where will you start and end?

I believe Blake has it in mind to start and end in Canmore, doing day trips only. That way we can return to the same accommodations every night and not have to worry about luggage. It will also make it easier for people to come for only part of the event if they can't manage the full week. However, I plan to suggest to Blake that we do at least one overnight trip, ideally over the weekend when we will have maximum participation, because that would allow us to range farther into some different country.
Originally posted by deeb:Blaine and Peter, all we have to cover is the fuel and driver expenses. We'd be happy to send him out to get you and bring you to Kingston!

The trouble with that idea is that the truck and trailer would have to make four runs across the country instead of just two, because we would have to get back home too. In the result, the cost might become prohibitive.

That said, we should look at the numbers. Perhaps it could still make sense if it was divided six ways. And, if we could figure out some contraband to fill the trailer on the otherwise empty runs, then we could even make money! Big Grin
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